Florida Coalition Against Human Trafficking shares the message

Florida Coalition Against Human Trafficking shares the message

Community Awareness in Numbers

Human Trafficking Awareness in South West Florida

During December 2017 and January 2018 the Florida Coalition Against Human Trafficking increased it's audience. Over 2000+ Residents in South West Florida received education on human trafficking. This was achieved by conducting community awareness presentations in public places. The coalition aims to provide local education and training. Some of the training are for first responders, local Florida fire departments and law enforcement. Another target audience are employees in the hotel and hospitality industry. Education is available in Charlotte, Lee, Hendry, Collier and Glades Counties. 

FCAHT formerly known as the SW Florida Human trafficking Coalition

Florida Coalition Against Human Trafficking

Local Support

Paul Mitchell The School, supports the FCAHT by having the coalition provide industry specific training to their future professionals and educators.  This helps in being able to recognise potential victims and criminals in line with their work.

PMS Fort Myers

Paul Mitchell The School Fort Myers

Human Trafficking bill advances in Florida


The FCAHT is always looking for partners in the fight against Human Trafficking, a very serious and local crime. It requires more awareness by our residents and visitors so they know how to report suspicious behavior. Any community, company, group or organisation that wishes to hold an event should contact the FCAHT on 239-410-0507 so the FCAHT is able to provide education.

What is it all about?

FCAHT is  a non-profit organisation who's focus is to prevent this crime from growing further. It is vital that local communities are aware of what is happening locally. What should you look out for, as in "What are the signs"? More importantly what action to you take when you see suspicious behavior. The Coalition recommends to call the  National Human Trafficking Hotline on 1-888-373-7888. Store this number in your cell phone contacts, so you have it readily available to call or share with others.

The Coalition works closely with local law enforcement across it's 5 South West Florida Counties, first responders, health professionals and our local service providers. Our Service Providers are crucial in providing protection and care to human trafficking survivors.