Raising Awareness

There are a variety of ways YOU can get involved helping us to educate and eradicate Human Trafficking in Southwest Florida.

Would you consider attending an event, volunteering your time, donating on a monthly or one-time basis or booking a presentation for your community organization?

We work to provide the following:


Shelter services for Domestic and Foreign Minors and adults

Emergency Services including a direct Local Hotline #, and referrals from State and National Hotline; crisis intervention, intakes and evaluations.

Collaboration with:

Law Enforcement, Legislative

Office of State Attorney General, Governmental and Nongovernmental Agencies, colleges, schools, service providers, health professionals, other Coalitions, and victims service groups

Treatment Plans and Case Management Services including:

Intensive and Comprehensive Case Management, Forensic Interviews, Sexual Assault Forensic Exam, Medical Treatment

Dental Care, Mental Health Treatment, Psychiatric Treatment,

Transportation, Immigration Assistance, Legal Assistance, Shelter, Housing, Psychological evaluations, education, Referrals